• The Austrian Federal Computing Center Securing Innovation.

    We are the market-leading technology partner of the Austrian public sector, using state-of-the-art technology for the development of cutting-edge solutions in the field of administration. We offer our customers innovative, tailor-made products that comply with the most stringent security standards.

    How we work

  • Areas of Activity Expert Know-How from and for Austria

    We use state-of-the-art technologies, such as predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, chat bots or blockchain, and innovative methods to develop new products and services. This is also reflected in our portfolio and our eight areas of activity.

    Our areas of activity

  • Products & Services

    ...for members of the public, companies and government

    We develop and design IT services in close cooperation with our customers, placing a special focus on making them reusable as shared IT services.

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  • Security & Quality

    The CERT of the Federal Computing Center (BRZ)

    Information security is one of our main concerns. Our CERT has the task of devising preventive measures to avoid security incidents. If need be, the CERT will initiate and coordinate appropriate defence measures, thus guaranteeing the highest possible degree of security for data and IT systems.

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Facts and Figures

We are the driving force of digital transformation in the public sector, developing and operating IT applications and e-government solutions. We also operate one of Austria’s largest data centers, guarding the country’s precious treasury of data.

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317 mio. €
Revenue in the year 2019
5 million
Citizens using FinanzOnline
Payrolls/month via SAP
25 million
Scanned sites/year
4600 terabyte
Saved data

Products & Services

...for members of the public, companies and government

This list offers a choice of some of our services and products.

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Within the framework of our strategic initiatives, we continuously strive to keep abreast of innovative developments on the IT market. The key issue for us is how technologies such as big data, cloud computing, mobility, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc. can be used to drive developments in the administrative field.

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VR Umgebung mit BRZ eDem in Scheibbs

Building bridges: e-participation combined with virtual reality

The city of Scheibbs and the Federal Computing Center (BRZ) used the blockchain-secured e-participation tool BRZ eDem and combined it with virtual reality technology. For their pioneering feat they won an eAward.

more Building bridges: e-participation combined with virtual reality

Portrait von Markus Kaiser, Geschäftsführer im BRZ

Markus Kaiser (BRZ) is the new president of EURITAS

Managing Director of the Federal Computing Center (BRZ, Austria) focuses on AI ethics and rules for cloud providers.

more Markus Kaiser (BRZ) is the new president of EURITAS

GovTech Summit 2019

BRZ delegation at “The GovTech Summit” in Paris

A delegation of the BRZ visited Paris between November 13th and 15th to take part at the prestigious conference “The GovTech Summit” (hosted by PUBLIC) and foster a cross border dialogue regarding the progress of digitization in the public sector between Austria and Paris.

more BRZ delegation at “The GovTech Summit” in Paris


Nowadays European cooperation is a prerequisite for state-of-the-art e-government. The European integration also targets the Digital Single Market. Collaboration at EU level is therefore essential to provide integrated services. The BRZ is a co-founder of Euritas - European Association of Public IT Service Providers.

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