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BRZ TechBlog

The Austrian Federal Computing Center is the competence center for digitization in the federal administration. Our experts blog about interesting technical solutions and innovative ideas. In order to address an international community, we create all blog posts in English.

Techblog #4

Lines of Code

After the Log4Shell debacle in December (no, I don't want to provide a zillion links) some security aspect comes up in discussions again: Lines of Code, ie. the attack surface of services.

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TechBlog #3

The Austrian Public Services Blockchain

The BRZ got a useful idea for a Blockchain project: notarizing document existence via their cryptographic hashes, codename "Blockstempel".

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Techblog #2

Short intro to "Grants4Companies"

Our project "Grants for Companies" won the first price in the competition "eGovernment Wettbewerb 2021". In this blogpost, we show you some details about the implementation.

more Short intro to "Grants4Companies"

Techblog #1

Don't load-balance your (invisible) queues!

A queue is a device for delaying. A governor is used to control a flow. Control engineering tells you that you shouldn't add a delaying device into a control circuit as that may cause oscillations. That's easy, right? Well, only if you know about your queues – but there might be some invisible lurking to get you.

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