Our whistleblowing system

Prevention instead of loss of trust

As technology partner of the public sector in Austria BRZ bears a high degree of responsibility. Especially for BRZ, the key to company’s success lies in a business culture that is marked by integrity, ethics, and personal responsibility. Every breach of applicable law can lead to financial damages as well as severe reputation damages.

If you have a reasonable suspicion about a breach, which occurred or is very likely to occur, we would like to encourage you to report this.

How does it work?

The digital whistleblowing system is provided and operated by an external supplier. You can submit your report at any time and at any place either by name or anonymously.

Your report will be received and handled by a very limited group of persons within the legal department of BRZ. Neither the supplier nor a third party will have access to highly sensitive data of the report. You also have the possibility to set up an own postbox. The persons responsible for handling reports can communicate with you via this postbox in a secure way. You can choose yourself your access data when you set up your postbox. You will be the only person to know your access data.

Strictly confidential

Your identity as a reporting person and the communication between you and the persons responsible for handling the report are of course treated strictly confidentially. In reverse we rely on you not to submit a report with dishonest intentions.

Please consider that our whistleblowing system does not serve as a channel for possible costumer inquiries, for feedback or complaints. Such reports cannot and will not be handled via the whistleblowing system.

Data protection

You will find more information concerning data protection as well as FAQs within the whistleblowing system.

This link will take you directly to our whistleblowing system or you copy the following URL completely into the address line of your internet browser 


Austrian Whistleblower Protection Act

Information according to the Austrian Whistleblower Protection Act (HSchG) on the possibility of external reporting

The Federal Bureau of Anti-Corruption functions as external reporting office according to HSchG. Reporting persons shall consider whether they can report at first internally. External reports shall especially be submitted, when utilizing the internal reporting system is not feasible, suitable, reasonable or has proven to be ineffective or futile.