About us

The Austrian Federal Computing Center (short: BRZ as abbreviated from the German name Bundesrechenzentrum) is the market-leading technology partner of the public sector in Austria. As such, we develop and implement IT applications and e-government solutions. We also operate one of Austria’s largest data centers, guarding the country’s precious treasury of data.

As one of Austria’s major IT companies, we have more than 1,400 employees. We see ourselves as a driving force for digital transformation in the public sector. Our aim is to improve the services available to members of the public and companies as well as making the Austrian administration more efficient. Our dedicated and highly qualified employees develop smart, secure services using technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and robotics. As a full service provider, the BRZ offers flexible, automated IT solutions at competitive prices. Our applications have more than five million users. Our clients include institutions from the public sector, such as Federal Ministries and the Federal Chancellery, but also institutions that have been outsourced from the public sector, such as universities and supreme courts.

Digitalization Austria


is increasingly penetrating all areas of private, public and economic life

Digital Roadmap

of the Austrian Federal Government

Reducing administrative costs

by consolidating IT in the federal government and by digitizing

“Deregulation Act 2017”

As of 2020 every citizen is entitled to communicate electronically with the public administration

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Innovative products, services and solutions

Highest quality and safety standards

Competitiveness through competitive prices and performance

Our tasks

Digitalization is increasingly pervading all areas of our lives. It presents an opportunity for public administrations to rethink and simplify certain processes and work more efficiently.