What we do

  • Areas of Activity

    We are the driving force of digital transformation in the public sector, developing and operating multiple IT applications and e-government solutions. We also operate one of Austria’s largest data centers, guarding the country’s precious treasury of data.

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  • Products & Services

    ... for members of the public, companies and government

    We develop and design IT services in close cooperation with our customers, placing a special focus on making them reusable as shared IT services

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  • Security & Quality

    The CERT of the Federal Computing Center (BRZ)

    Information security is one of our main concerns. Our CERT has the task of devising preventive measures to avoid security incidents. If need be, the CERT will initiate and coordinate appropriate defence measures, thus guaranteeing the highest possible degree of security for data and IT systems.

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  • Innovation Factory

    In our Innovation Factory we explore new ways of developing ideas. We use state-of-the-art technologies across all areas for the further development of administrative procedures.

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Our Business

We use state-of-the-art technologies, such as predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, chat bots or blockchain, and innovative methods to develop new products and services. This is also reflected in our portfolio and our eight areas of activity.

Our areas of activity Our Business

Products & Services

...for members of the public, companies and government

This list offers a selection of some of our services and products.

Our top-services and products Products & Services

Security & Quality

Security is one of our top priorities.

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Our Clients

The BRZ is the market-leading eGovernment partner of the Austrian federal administration, but also serves other customers from the public sector.

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