Mitarbeiter:innen mit der BRZ Pride Flagge

BRZ is a Pride-Ally and focuses on diversity and equal opportunities

01. June 2022

During and after the Pride Month of June, the BRZ is implementing a number of initiatives to promote and make visible LGBTQIA+ individuals.

The promotion of diversity and equal opportunities at the BRZ, Austria's IT market leader in the public sector, not only increases employee satisfaction and attractiveness as an employer, but is also an important factor in the development of applications and services for 9 million people in Austria. Starting in the Pride Month of June, the BRZ is increasingly offering its employees and managers information and networking opportunities on the topic of equal opportunities for LGBTQIA+ people, and is also visibly demonstrating its commitment to the outside world with the BRZ Pride flag in front of the site in Vienna.

BRZ is an official Pride Biz Ally

The BRZ is now a new partner (Ally) of Pride Biz Austria, the association promoting the inclusion of sexual diversity in business and the workplace. Pride Biz Austria was initiated by the associations AG Pro and Queer Business Women.

As a top employer in the IT sector, the BRZ is strongly committed to sustainability and CSR. We are pleased to now be able to offer our employees the opportunity to exchange knowledge and swap experiences as well as gain access to networking opportunities within the community as part of our cooperation with the Pride Biz Network. At the BRZ, we address diversity and equal opportunity in many dimensions and are proud of the different skills and perspectives that our dedicated employees bring to their work," says Christine Sumper-Billinger, Managing Director of the BRZ.

Proud2be_IT: Colorful for sure

During Pride Month in June and beyond, the BRZ is placing an increased focus on the issues of equal opportunities and visibility for LGBTQIA+ individuals.

The BRZ is already implementing the following activities and measures:

  • Full equality of partners/spouses regardless of gender for claims under the BRZ collective bargaining agreement.
  • Events like the BRZ FemCareerNight are aimed at women, but also explicitly at people who define themselves as women.
  • The BRZ offers management seminars on the topic of "unconscious bias" to avoid unconscious unequal treatment.
  • With statements on social media (FacebookLinkedInTwitterInstagram), the BRZ clearly expresses its diverse work environment.The BRZ Pride flag hoisted in June also carries the commitment to diversity, tolerance and cosmopolitanism to the outside world.

CSR and sustainability at the BRZ

The BRZ is Austria's competence center for digitization in federal administration and lives equal opportunities and diversity throughout the company. As a responsible company and employer, for many years the BRZ has focused on various areas such as green IT, the advancement of women, diversity among employees, promoting older employees, and the employment of persons with disabilities. The BRZ also attaches importance to the compatibility of work and family.