How we work

Innovation Factory

In our Innovation Factory we explore new ways of developing ideas. We use state-of-the-art technologies across all areas for the further development of administrative procedures.

Logo von der BRZ Innovation Factory in weiß auf einem Metalltextur Hintergrund.
a metaltextured background with white BRZ Innovation Factory Logo


Within the framework of our strategic initiatives, we continuously strive to keep abreast of innovative developments on the IT market. The key issue for us is how technologies such as big data, cloud computing, mobility, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc. can be used to drive developments in the administrative field.

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EU Flaggen vor dem Berlaymont


Nowadays European cooperation is a prerequisite for state-of-the-art e-government. The European integration also targets the Digital Single Market. Collaboration at EU level is therefore essential to provide integrated services. The BRZ is co-founder of Euritas - European Association of Public IT Service Providers.

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SHack Vienna: Die Gewinner, 3 Personen, halten Urkunden

„Fit for Future“ teacher-support-app wins Socal Hackathon Vienna

50 young coders, designers and social innovators travelled from ten European countries to attend the Social Hackathon at Austria’s Federal Computing Center. Within two days, new applications with social impact were created.

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GovTech Summit 2019

BRZ delegation at “The GovTech Summit” in Paris

A delegation of the BRZ visited Paris between November 13th and 15th to take part at the prestigious conference “The GovTech Summit” (hosted by PUBLIC) and foster a cross border dialogue regarding the progress of digitization in the public sector between Austria and Paris.

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Govtech.Pioneers19 Veranstaltungsfoto


BRZ and GovTech.Pioneers: Improving security for the public sector

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Forum Alpbach Partnerlogo with the events campaign image

Digitalization as an opportunity

At the European Forum Alpbach, an interdisciplinary platform for science, politics, business and culture, international digitalization experts discussed the benefits of digital transformation for governments, societies and economy.

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VR Umgebung mit BRZ eDem in Scheibbs

Building bridges: e-participation combined with virtual reality

The city of Scheibbs and the Federal Computing Center (BRZ) used the blockchain-secured e-participation tool BRZ eDem and combined it with virtual reality technology. For their pioneering feat they won an eAward.

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European Youth Awards Social Hackathon European Youth Awards Social Hackathon

Digital technologies are most powerful tools to tackle the social challenges people face every day. Become part of the internet of entrepreneurs who care and by joining forces, will create a better world.

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