Security & Quality in and from Austria

Our products and services are innovative and comply with the most stringent quality and security standards.

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Security & Quality

Security is one of our top priorities.

We guard Austria’s data treasury using an information security management system certified pursuant to the internationally recognized standard ISO 27001.

Based on this international standard, we offer our clients high-quality certified security. The application of this standard allows complex security relations to be measured and controlled and enables continuous improvement of the security system.

The BRZ is also certified pursuant to ISO 22301, the business continuity standard. This equips us to meet the increasing requirements concerning the availability of e-government applications for public use.

Technical and organizational high security measures help us to reduce risks and guarantee the required security level. The BRZ also uses more than 250 basic protection measures in the areas of property protection and access control, personnel safety, server and data bases, data storage, software, and IT applications. The BRZ is also a member of the CERT Network, the A-SIT (Center for Secure Information Technology), and the KSÖ (Kuratorium Sicheres Österreich, Austrian Safety Board).