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Our Journey with Spring Boot in a Microservice Architecture

22. September 2022

Watch Philipp Frauenthaler and Michael Eders presentation at the WeAreDevelopers Java Day in september 2022.

The core principle of a microservice architecture - or simply microservices - is to split an application into small services that can be developed, deployed and operated independently from each other. While decomposing an application into smaller pieces is a promising approach for complex applications, microservices also introduce some challenges, affecting technical aspects as well as organizational ones. In this session, we want to share our learnings, talk about our architecture's evolvement and shed light on technical as well as organizational challenges.

Watch the full presentation on Youtube:

Techblog #2

Short intro to "Grants4Companies"

Our project "Grants for Companies" won the first price in the competition "eGovernment Wettbewerb 2021". In this blogpost, we show you some details about the implementation.

more Short intro to "Grants4Companies"

TechBlog #3

The Austrian Public Services Blockchain

The BRZ got a useful idea for a Blockchain project: notarizing document existence via their cryptographic hashes, codename "Blockstempel".

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