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Trusted Data Center

Our long-standing experience as professional data center operators is at the disposal of all our clients: server & client solutions, storage & back-up solutions, facility and security services, service desk services, DBMS service/middleware. Our broad range of individually adaptable products allows for highly efficient tailor-made solutions.

We operate one of Austria’s largest data centers. With 4,000 servers, 30,000 IT workstations and 4,600 TB of data stored in Austria, we provide the public sector with an excellent infrastructure. 80% of the servers in our data center are already virtual servers. Having switched to virtualized technology, the BRZ is now able to offer cost-efficient data center services.

Guaranteed data security

The BRZ offers IT solutions to its clients, including accounting and payroll accounting services at the federal level, FinanzOnline, E-Zoll and various register solutions. The infrastructure for applications which are as critical as those mentioned above has to be provided by a public service provider such as the BRZ.