Dual Delivery - The BRZ Delivery Service

Every year, the Austrian authorities send out millions of documents. An increasing number of these documents are now sent electronically, hence increasing security and saving time and money.

Dual Delivery allows official documents to be delivered with a signature from the respective authority, printed on paper and sent by mail, or sent digitally via e-mail. They may also be archived, if required. Upon request, members of the public can have official documents sent to them electronically.

Attractive services

The BRZ’s Dual Delivery services offer authorities attractive options for delivering documents in digital form and on paper, thus simplifying and accelerating procedures.

High data and delivery quality

The hybrid letter with advice of delivery (RSa/RSb) improves data and delivery quality and helps save mailing costs. E-deliveries with advice of delivery are sent directly to the delivery services (registration under My Mailbox) and individual users can pick them up from their secure electronic inbox.

E-Delivery 2.0

As part of the E-Delivery 2.0 initiative, “MeinPostkorb” (my inbox) offers a sophisticated web application for all official documents sent without advice of delivery. It is simple to integrate this app into existing systems, applications, and portals which are already used by the authorities. Its benefits are also available to companies via the Business Service Portal, for example. This saves time and costs for everyone involved.

Obligatory E-Delivery

As of 1 January 2020, companies will be required by law to adopt electronic delivery, the sole exception being those which are not obliged to file an advance VAT return.