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Mobile Solutions & Technologies

The BRZ App Competence Center is where we pool our know-how to meet our clients' requirements for apps that make administrative procedures simpler and more mobile-friendly. As a one-stop shop we offer requirements engineering, implementation, and operation services as part of our Mobile Device Security concepts.

The BRZ App Competence Center

Smartphones are driving the advance of digitization around the globe. Mobile Internet is becoming more and more widespread.
The public increasingly expects authorities to offer mobile services, while “mobility” likewise allows authorities to become more efficient and make their services more convenient to use. The BRZ has thus established the App Competence Center, where all the related skills are pooled to develop apps for authorities. Security, of course, constitutes a central requirement, as mobile phones can be used to access sensitive content. It is important that solutions do not reduce usability, but at the same time they must guarantee a secure exchange of data. With this in mind, we have developed a Mobile Device Security concept which allows both company and private mobile phones to be used (bring your own device).