Handy mit eAusweise App

"eAusweise" & Digital Driver's Licence

A digital ID is a cryptographically signed set of attributes of a person. The BRZ "eAusweis" is the technical basis for a secure implementation of digital ID cards which complies with data protection requirements.

In Austria, ID Austria, which ensures unique identification, and the BRZ eAusweise form the basis for electronic ID cards.

  • The ID platform is operated by the BRZ using a modern container platform (BRZ PaaS). The BRZ container platform is based on Kubernetes (OpenShift) and currently consists of 7 clusters with 2000 cores as well as 2 redundant but physically separated parallel systems, making it one of the best performing and most secure platforms in Austria.
  • The BRZ further operates numerous registers (e.g.: driving licence register), which provide data for digital ID cards.

e-driving licence

The first product implemented in Austria was the digital driving licence (e-driving licence). The app "e-Ausweise" was implemented for the use of the digital driving licence. Technically, this app is based on the software by the company Youniqx. Users log into the "e-Ausweise" app via ID Austria, giving them full functionality. A driving licence in the cheque card format is required to use the digital driving licence. You can find the necessary steps for activation on oesterreich.gv.at.