Who we are

Securing Innovation.

We are the market-leading technology partner of the Austrian public sector, using state-of-the-art technology for the development of cutting-edge solutions in the field of administration. We offer our customers innovative, tailor-made products that comply with the most stringent security standards.

About us

The Austrian Federal Computing Centre (short: BRZ as abbreviated from the German name Bundesrechenzentrum) is the market-leading technology partner of the public sector in Austria. As such, we have developed and implemented more than 400 IT applications and e-government solutions. We also operate one of Austria’s largest data centers, guarding the country’s precious treasury of data.

Facts and Figures

The BRZ is the leading IT service provider in Austria’s public sector. As the e-government partner of the Austrian public authorities, we develop and implement more than 400 IT solutions and operate one of the country’s largest data centers.


The company structure of the BRZ at a glance.

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