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The CSIRT of the Austrian Federal Computing Center

The Computer Security Incident Response Team of the Austrian Federal Computing Center.

Information security is one of the main concerns of the Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH (BRZ). Our CSIRT has the task of devising preventive measures to avoid security incidents. If need be, the CSIRT will initiate and coordinate appropriate defence measures, thus guaranteeing the highest possible degree of security for data and IT systems.

The Security and Quality Department of the BRZ is responsible for the CSIRT. The CSIRT is our primary contact for security-related problems and incidents affecting IT services and systems operated by the BRZ. The security services provided by the BRZ-CSIRT are defined in close consultation with our clients and implemented together with our clients' in-house teams. We also cooperate closely with other CERT organizations in Austria, in particular GovCERT.at and CERT.at.



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