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The Once-Only-Principle for Europe

26. September 2018

The Only Principle for Europe” Conference co-hosted by TOOP and SCOOP4C, took place on 24-25 September in Vienna, Austria. The event brought together nearly 150 participants from Europe and beyond -
the key players in shaping modern digital governments.

During the presentations and debates, speakers shared experiences, ideas and visions for cross-border application  of  the Principle. The  SCOOP4C  project team presented  policy  recommendations  for implementing the 'once-only' principle (OOP)on a European level, based on extensive research and stakeholder consultations. The  event  offered an excellent  opportunity  to  communicate the entry of the TOOP Project into the piloting phase. The TOOP pilots demonstrate the cross-border application of  OOP  by testing seamless  and  safe  data exchange in  several  use-cases.  Furthermore,  the  event engaged public and private sector representatives in discussions on the wide range of aspects related
to  the  effective  implementation  of  the  OOP  such  as  business  value,  user  expectations,legal and technical requirements and many more.

On the second day, the keynote speakers from the European Commission highlighted the importance of the OOP in the context of European policies such as the Single Digital Gateway. In his speech Andrea Servida (European Commission / DG CNECT) defined the 'once-only' principle as a way to freedom and a  lighthouse  for  the  digital public services, explaining,  how  to  operationalise  the  Principle  at  the  EU level. According to Hettel Varik (European Commission / DG GROW) the OOP, as one of the pillars of the European Commission’s commitment to the advancement of the Digital Single Market, will become an  integral  part  of  cross-border  digital  public services  in  the  EU  and  EEA  countries.  By  2023, every citizen and business from one of the member countries of the European Economic Area, should have access  to  the online  procedures defined  in  the  Annex  II  of  the  Single  Digital  Gateway  Regulation through the Single Digital Gateway.

The  case  studies  presented  at  the  conference,demonstrated  the  practical  aspects  of  the  OOP implementation  in Europe  and  beyond.
Elsa  Estevez  from  the  National  University  of the South (Argentina) underlined  that the EU has  always been a  source  of  good  practices  for  Latin  American countries. Some of these countries are putting a significant effort into implementing the 'once-only' principle while looking at the lessons learnt from the OOP application in Europe. The  event also enabled in-depth  discussions on  the  impact  of  the  OOP on  end  users  and  public administrations,    held    by    experts    from    the European    Commission,    public    administration representatives and academics. It was the last conference  of the SCOOP4C project, which investigates the existing OOP  practices  for  citizens  and  created  a  stakeholder  community  of  practitioners, researchers  and  the  interested  public.

The culmination of  the  event  was marked  by a  symbolic handover of the stakeholder community from the SCOOP4C to the TOOP Project. 'Once-only'principle  should  be  perceived  as  the  default  option  for  any  new digital  service  being launched.

It not only reduces administrative burdens but also streamlines the provision of the digital public  services  across  borders. The  main  conclusion  of  the  event  is  that thorough  understanding, political commitment and collaboration is necessary for the successful implementation of the Principle across borders. For the summary of
The Once-Only Principle for Europe Conference visit: