Practice Report: Pilot Documentation Method in Large Scale Pilot Projects

10. April 2020

The TOOP project represents a European large‐scale pilot project with the aim to exchange data on the broadest possible level according to the once only principle. The pilots within the project follow the method of "Connectathon" and has shown success in ist operationalisation. Connectathons are intended to prove connectivity between technical actors. One specific aspect of "prove" reflects on a transparent method of documentation of results, which follows the dimensions of Transparency, Actuality, Completeness, Traceability and Readability.

1. Overview on the TOOP Project

The Horizon2020 project TOOP is established as a large-scale pilot project. The project develops a technical infrastructure for the exchange of data in Europe according to the once-only principle (EU 2016). The piloting parties in the participating member states use this system, which is based on a federated ICT-architecture, using and following the 4-corner-model of the existing building block eDelivery (DIGIT/CONNECT 2015).

2. Overview on the Instrument of Connectathon

As a model for the pilot realisation the existing model of Connectathon of the IHE was chosen and adapted (IHE 2017). A Connectathon is a procedure to demonstrate interoperability between ICT systems, to prove that the technical specification has been fully and correctly implemented.
Therefore, a Connectathon consists of
  1. a planning,
  2. specific content,
  3. a technical implementation and
  4. an execution
A Connectathon also represents a procedure for identifying errors and improving them. When used in TOOP no negative effects for an error in the implementation arise to the participating parties, but the incentive for improvement. Therefore, a specific concept of this instrument specifically for TOOP was described and adopted for the project. If such improvement is necessary, it may be results in a refinement of the specification or the specific implementation at the participating organisations’ side.

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